About Us

The right to religious expression in America is the most vital of all freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. If you are being discriminated against or harmed because of your Islamic faith, let our team help you.

Hate crimes against Muslim’s have escalated substantially over the past two years. In 2015 this lawlessness rose to a level higher than in the months following the 9/11 attacks. Since the election of President Donald Trump, anti-Muslim sentiment across America continues to grow.

The primary mission of the MDC is to guard the individual rights and freedoms of Muslim American. The United States Constitution guarantees these individual rights and all Muslim Americans are afforded protection under the Bill of Rights.

Muslim American’s have protection from government surveillance and protection from abuses that emanate within the law enforcement community. The MDC helps to defend Muslims in this time of populism and Islamophobia in America.

To request assistance, please use the confidential MDC online form. Our staff includes several practicing attorney’s serving clients coasts to coast; including Washington, D.C.

The MDC also operates this open forum for discussions on all of these topics. The MDC does not permit harassment, discrimination, or the threat of deportation to be leveled against law abiding Muslim American’s.

MDC is a nationwide organization with a strong support base. Our members work through grassroots organizations in local communities. It’s members believe that public opinion matters and work to create positive change in local communities. The online forum and Internet discussion also help to engage supporters. The nationwide appeal to supporters through the Internet also helps build an active Islamic platform at the state level advancing Muslim faith in America

The MDC is not it a nonprofit company and does not receive any government funding. As an all-volunteer organization, MDC monthly costs and liabilities are paid by generous member donations.

In just the past two years, the MDC has seen hundreds of individuals and families that have experienced discrimination because of their Islamic faith. This intolerance occurs in schools, offices, local businesses, national store chains, and even medical facilities.

If a government official at the local, state or federal level is causing you harm, our coalition can expose the person and the institution. Muslim’s have rights in America, and we can help you.

2015 estimates showed that there are more than three million Muslims of all ages residing in the United States. That number is around 1% of the population. Around the world, there are an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims, and that amount of people represents more than 23% of the world’s people.

Don’t let the government or the community treat you as a second-class citizen. The MDC also represents those Muslim persons who have been marginalized or removed from the community. The work of the MDC reaches students, prisoners, and minority faiths.

If you or a family member have been harmed or experienced discrimination because of your Islamic faith or if you believe your rights have been violated, please contact the MDC using the form below.